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This being said, the best course of action for every student is to maximize efficiency and finish all homework and studying before it gets too late.

According to Mc Craley students should get to sleep before 10 p.m., and she believes that, by getting enough sleep, students naturally become more efficient and alert.

By Lydia Zhang: Graphic by Alvina Yau: Almost every student is, at some point during his or her high school, faced with a stubborn pile of homework that needs to get done and a clock that reads p.m.

So, the question often pops up: should students stay up as late as necessary to finish schoolwork?

The first block included 45 multiple-choice questions on languages and literature, another on human sciences (history, geography, philosophy, and sociology), followed by an essay question.

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As it is such an important part of the educational lives of millions of Brazilians, the Enem has taken on extra significance in wider society and created a number of cultural quirks.Since 1998, the Enem has been used to measure the quality of high-school education in Brazil.In 2009, then-Minister of Education Fernando Haddad (and defeated presidential candidate in October’s elections) implemented a change to the test, making it the principal entrance exam for Brazil’s public and free universities.Instead, the learning done before bed will not be affected by retroactive interference, and so the studying will actually be effective.Studying through the night might not work for everyone, but it will benefit the largest number of students.The yearly essay question is seen as a photograph of the country’s social issues, as test-makers intend to pick a dissertation topic which represents the current moment of Brazil.There was an expectation that this year’s essay question would touch on the phenomenon of fake news, in the wake of the rise of the concept worldwide and the overbearing presence of false information in this year’s presidential elections.Granted, each person’s sleep schedule and study habits are different, so staying up to finish homework may not fit every specific student.People can be divided into three types: morning larks, those who naturally wake up early and sleep early; night owls, those who naturally sleep in and go to bed late; and regular robins, those who do not sleep very late or very early.Therefore, students who do have heavy homework loads would most likely be night owls and would then benefit more from studying later rather than early in the morning.In a purely physiological outlook, the body is better equipped to study later at night than in the morning.


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