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After you walk across that stage in June, everything is going to change. You’ll be reminded of how you got here, what you learned, and what experiences were most meaningful to you.

As another fellow graduating senior, here’s what these past four years of high school have taught me.

You need to gradually ease yourself into a hustling mode.

This could be leaving your homework on top of your phone, so when you reach over for it in the morning, you’ll get a handful of science homework rather than your Snapchat notifications.

” Because of that, I expected to have a blast when I entered freshman year.

However, I didn’t realize high school was the best four years of their lives because they made it the best years of their lives.Why else are study groups so common in preparation for finals?If high school has taught me something, it’s that our friends and the people we surround ourselves with have a tremendous influence on our own beliefs and actions.Hopefully you can relate to some of these or be reminded of something else that’ll cause a smile or grimace to cross your face. But if you really take those seven words to heart, they can really change your perspective on high school (or whatever stage of education you’re in).Growing up, I’ve heard adults say, “High school was the best four years of my life!The sting is less harsh when you take baby steps to get there.Procrastination is looked lowly upon, but if done correctly, it can actually be more effective than preparing ahead of time. The last important lesson high school taught me is that…But this is in no way discouraging you from studying!Secondly, if you’re going to procrastinate, you need to let yourself know you’re going to have to get to work eventually.While I don’t regret taking the classes I’m taking, I do wish I could have had the chance to make more meaningful memories rather than make more flashcards for my next chemistry test.So if you want to make high school the best four years of your life, do the things that you enjoy.


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