Aladdin Critical Essay

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The treasure cave that Aladdin goes into calls him an “infidel” for the monkey merely touching a giant ruby.It’s all made to be a comic spectacle worthy of American derision, with obvious patriotic motives toward the recent (and future) operations in the Middle East.Meanwhile, the evil Jafar has darker skin than the rest (many of which basically just look Italian).

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It’s presented that lying and stealing are simply necessary in the corrupt Arab world, but people want it to be different (yet Disney donated millions to Dubya’s campaign, who lowered taxes on the rich).

Shortly after, Jasmine and Aladdin immediately bond over both feeling trapped.

Oft cited as a cause of the interference was maintaining low oil prices (justifying the estimated $60 billion cost of the war, in total? Also sometimes stated as a cause is the imperial American policy of controlling the price of oil, whether it is high or low.

, Disney’s first film with an Arab setting was released in 1992, which “coincidentally” derides the Islamic religion, Middle Eastern culture, and generally comes off as thinly veiled propaganda encouraging further intervention in the Middle East, because they want it. The Barbaric Middle East – From the very first scene, the theme of the Middle East as a barbaric land is established, with the lyrics in the original opening song: “Where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face / It’s barbaric, but, hey, it’s home.” The following scenes of the outdoor market ridicule the merchants hawking their wares, making some out to be dishonest and certainly unjust in their treatment of Aladdin (But how does the Disney corporation treat individuals when you irritate them?

Furthermore, the whole story is implying that an Arab state will naturally lead to totalitarianism if not interfered with.

The Sultan even says that the kingdom needs somebody of Aladdin’s character.

As for her father, the Sultan ends up changing the laws of the land to better reflect Western values (and personal whim).

– Aladdin is downtrodden and trapped, unable to escape life as a “street rat,” and pursued by men who will cut off his hands for stealing a loaf of bread (society is obviously broken). The people, then, are victims of evil rulers that must be overthrown and replaced by good people who embrace western values.

It takes an American character to do that, it would seem.

I think that it’s fairly clear that the film is an indictment of Middle Eastern culture, and calls for westerners to come in and change them. Muslim Religion – Christianity gets serious treatment in Disney films such as mocks and trivializes the Islamic religion repeatedly.


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