Aids In Africa Essay

Such distrust appears to have an essential impact on utilizing medical services.

One successful example statistically demonstrates that the ABC method assisted in a 10% drop in the percentage of HIV cases in Uganda between the years 1990-2001.

Thus, it seems that the foundation for an effective national response is a strong prevention program.

By contrast, some countries in North Africa have HIV prevalence rates lower than most cities in the USA.

Outcomes for Africa have been predicted to the year 2025, by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

Still, despite its lack of scientific acceptance, the methodical denial of AIDS has had a significant political impact – especially under the former South African presidency of Thabo Mbeki.

Religious factors In Kenya, safe-sex commercials are banned.

Political factors As stated before, many major African political leaders have denied the link between HIV and AIDS, favoring alternate theories.

The general global scientific community considers the evidence that HIV causes AIDS to be conclusive, thus completely rejecting any denial of such as pseudoscience.

HIV-2 is genetically different and characterized clinically as having a consistent low viral load for much longer periods of time, and is intrinsically resistant to many common antiretrovirals.

History For years, many governments in Sub-Saharan Africa denied that HIV infection was an issue, which stunted their ability to stem the progress of AIDS. The introduction of the ABC method of AIDS prevention has been proven to garner the strongest and most effective results.


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