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Sending out the same cover letter for all applications, changing only the name of the company, can usually be spotted a mile off.For example, as a provider of actuarial services predominantly within the UK, some candidates seem to think we will be flattered by being told ’we enjoy a global reputation’ – we don’t currently, and inclusion of such a line only harms a candidate’s chances.

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I also have experience in researching and excellent communications skills.

I have a flexible personality that allows me to adapt to demanding situations, solve unexpected problems and I have the ability to work well with a team or on my own.

If you appear to lack the ability to exercise care in such a crucial document, it’s not unreasonable for an employer to conclude you lack the attention to detail that is a key attribute of most good actuarial students. It’s good to strike a balance between conciseness and substance.

Most importantly, it should be tweaked towards the application in question.

Moreover, my research skills dictate that I construct probability tables analogous to uncontrollable events which may add to the company’s overall risk.

Please review the enclosed resume which holds detailed information on my career and expertise in risk management techniques. I have a strong background in pricing, statistical and reserves systems and my research skills are akin to deriving prudent information for risk assessment.Working in an ever-changing environment brought on due to both high competition and imminent risk, I have had several chances to perform analyses on loss trends.You don’t need to be able to reel off the name, syllabus and pass rate of all 15 modules, but it’s important to show you have some understanding of what you’re letting yourself in for.We’ve rejected candidates with great CVs for not appearing to have done the most cursory research around the actuarial profession. According to research by published in 2016, it remains one of the best jobs you can have, finally making official what those of us on the inside have always suspected.According to the survey, perks of the job include lack of stress, pleasant working environment, relatively short working hours, high wages and good future prospects.I am certain that my positive, upbeat attitude and my determination to produce solid, reliable results will be a great asset to your company.I fully believe that a meeting would be beneficial to both of us and I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss my experience, training and educational background in more detail.Exam Progression Advice: I Just found out I passed IFM and was thinking of taking STAM next. Actuaries are business professionals who work in life insurance companies, pension funds, investment banks, and management consultancies.


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