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Grant is always in conflict with himself, because he is aware that he is not a stupid man, but the society does not always take him such as he really is. Firstly Grant was sure that he is not going to assist the guilty man, because the last is beyond the hope. Grant also perceives that there are a lot of dishonest white people in the country, and unhappy guilty man cannot do something to help himself.

Misunderstandings between black and white people were forever.

Ernest James Gaines wanted to establish his readers that there is a glimmer of hope for people to overcome racism in his novel.

From this quote (Many of the books...hand-me-downs from the white schools. 57.) The black school is more run down and is more dilapidated than the other white schools around the city.

“You are what you believe in yourself to be” – it is the main theme of A Lesson Before Dying essay.

The Book Title The book title is unusual and shortly tells one of the general motives of this story.

The story tells us about Grant and his efforts to give Jefferson some lessons.

This was unfair for every black person living in that time period. There was actually a law that made a city separate the black and whites.

It also says that blacks and whites were not aloud to eat or drink in the same bars and the same restaurants.

The most significant Grant’s goal was to help Jefferson to become another person.

But firstly Grant himself should comprehend the meaning of this concept (who is a real man and what he should to do). It is finally over.” Suddenly Grant understood that Jefferson was a good student and absolutely learnt a lesson before dying.


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