A Complicated Kindness Thesis

Plot- [For the Plot] The novel has no central plot line; it's told by Nomi's personal experience and doesn't follow a consecutive order. When she speaks about the Mennonites and how they're the most embarrassing type of people to belong to when you're a teenager,she describes the event of how Menno Simons came up with his ''religion thing'' and ended up with a Mennonite community. Middle They're considered to be realistic and relate to characters found in the real world.

Ray nickel is one of the main characters that brought my attention, when he left nomi a note before he disappeared, he said that he wanted to leave before she did so he doesn't get hurt ,and to give her the freedom to do whatever she wanted too.

Were you trying to leave the whole Mennonite pigeonhole behind or did you just find yourself with a cast of characters this time out who were not part of the communities that you've explored in previous works?

MT: After I was certainly done with answering questions about Mennonites and small towns, but I never made a conscious decision to avoid that with this novel.

Do you find that having a broader readership influences your writing in any way?

MT: Not really - that whole thing is just part of the business which I don't pay a lot of attention to and I'm not just trying to be humble.

I think I'll always write the way I do, for better or for worse - really I just try to be honest and hope to get better at it as I go.

TM: Although there is nary a Mennonite to be found in , a lot of the same character themes are there without the small town references.

My fiction is always a composite from both my life and the lives of people I know or have met.

As for small town life, I sure as hell don't miss it personally - give me urban!


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