A Brief Essay On Why Do I Need Financially Ne

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We develop our attitudes and beliefs about money in childhood.

By talking often about money, and modeling good money management habits, you’ll set your children up for a future of financial success.

We played 24 shows in 23 cities around the United States.

It was awesome: Nataly crowd surfed for the first time ever, we sold just under $100,000 in tickets, and we got to rock out with people we love for a full month. They gave us three laptops (to run our light show) and a nice chunk of cash.

Previous generations could count on pensions and social security benefits to sustain them after retirement.

Now, individuals must start planning — and saving for— retirement decades in advance.But only 64 percent said they themselves were taught how to manage money, and just 37 percent said they often talk with their family members about the subject.Yet helping kids become financially literate is more important than ever before, experts say.Instead, try saying, “That’s not how we choose to spend our money.” This helps kids think about what they value.You might also say, “We can’t buy it now, but we can talk about how you can save for it, or you can put it on your birthday wish list.” That helps children learn to delay gratification and plan their spending — two important pieces of financial health.By focusing on what expenses are important to your family, you will naturally find ways to cut back on items you care less about. Consider making a collage or bulletin board to represent your family’s financial goals.A daily reminder of the vacation you’re saving for or the house you’d like to buy helps both kids and adults keep big-picture goals from getting lost in the day-to-day shuffle. When you decide to save for something as a family — such as a new computer or a trip to a theme park — show kids what saving money actually looks like.Before I write another sentence, it’s important to note that Nataly and I feel so fortunate to be making music for a living. ,000 on one credit card and ,000 on the other, to be more specific. In case we break someone’s face while crowdsurfing. Per diems are twenty dollar payments to each bandmate and crew member each day for food while we’re out. Manufacturing merchandise, publicity (a radio ad in SF, Facebook ads, venue specific advertising), supplies, shipping. Our awesome booking agency, High Road Touring, takes a commission for booking the tour. If you’re making a living as an indie band, a tour sponsor is a shining beacon of financial light at the end of a dark tunnel of certain bankruptcy. We could have played a duo show instead of hiring six people to tour with us.Having the opportunity to play music as a career is a dream come true. And then we planned (or hoped) to make that back in ticket sales. They deserve every penny and more: booking a four week tour is a huge job. Add it up, and that’s 5,983 in total income for our tour. That would have saved us over ,000, but it was important at this stage in Pomplamoose’s career to put on a wild and crazy rock show.With a little planning, you can talk to your kids about money in healthy, helpful ways.Include the entire family in financial discussions.


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