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His paranoia causes him to perceive the attendants at the facility as Soviet kidnappers on a mission to obtain unlisted information from him.Alicia, goes to the mailbox and recovers the documents that Nash had deposited months earlier and uses them to confront him.

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He finally graduates and accepts an offer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

While working as a Mathematics lecturer at MIT five years down the line, he falls in love with Alicia Larde (Jennifer Connelly), one of his students, and they eventually get married.

He (Nash) is expected to crack a very complex encryption code to an enemy’s telecommunication network.

His fellow hackers are amazed and at the same time impressed by how easily he cracks the code.

It is then that he is convinced that he has been hallucinating.

He discovers that the meetings with Marcee, Charles’ niece as well as the encounters with Parcher have all been figments of his imagination.

He finally resigns to the fact that he has to live on medication and even gets a job at Princeton courtesy of his old-time academic rival, Martin Hansen who happens to be the head of the institution.

Eventually, he is allowed to teach again and wins several accolades including a Nobel Prize in economics for his work in Mathematics.

He finally gets off the medication and relapses into psychosis.

The situation is so bad that he almost drowns his son while bathing him.


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