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The writer describes the types of treatment interventions, the family dynamic, and the role of the family. : A 10 page overview of the laws affecting the possession and sale of alcoholic beverages in Alaska.Cognitive and behavioral techniques are highlighted. Includes information regarding the history and current status of such laws and statistics regarding alcohol related injuries as well as information regarding "local option" the ability of individual communities to prohibit sale and possession of alcoholic beverages in their communities.

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While researchers are adept at describing the effects of other, less controversial, chemical compounds that arise and are manifested in changes of gene expression, they seem to be unable to apply the same methods of research to issues connected with alcoholism.

Every recovering alcoholic who has been reconciled with his God, either through restitution of a prior relationship or his own first-time meeting understands the power of denial, and that denial of sin does nothing to diminish its existence. : The physical, psychological and social effects of cocaine are examined in this 5 page overview. : A 25 page thesis that considers the impact of early onset use of crack cocaine and deviant criminal behavior in youth populations.

The writer hypothesizes that the 12-Step program is the most effective and makes comparisons of other programs with the 12-Step program. The writer explains how the various life stages are individually affected by alcoholic parents, as well as addresses their long term consequences. : An 10 page investigation into the impacts substance abuse has on the abuser and those around him or her.

The writer essentially provides a research proposal that includes: hypothesis, explanation of variables, review of the literature, and proposed method for the study.

Heroin addicts face many challenges related to their health, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS. : An 8 page paper that argues against the legalization of marijuana from a sociological and psychological perspective. : A 7 page research paper evluatively assessing whether or not drug abstinence programs can work for addicted people.

The writer suggests that while there is considerable data about the usefulness of this drug from a medical standpoint, the general legalization would have considerable social and psychological implications. Psychological factors determining how effective such programs will be are discussed throughout. : 8 pages based upon findings in five journal articles which maintain that the social programs and ideas such as "The War on Drugs" are overreaching political ploys to distract our attention from the real issues at-hand.Bill’s assessment revealed that his risk levels were not so severe that state-supported inpatient treatment could be justified, but it was clear he could not return either to his mother’s or father’s home.He did have an alternative, and one that worked for him.Listing 5 sources, the paper argues against the hazards of alcohol listing the emotional and physical effects.: This 7 page essay examines the cause and effect of drinking in college and the resulting poor academic performance.Following that is a research design which entails an experiment/survey whereby proof is obtained towards the theory that we cant win the fight against drugs.Then comes a section regarding analysis of the research and then a conclusion. " : An 11 page analytical discussion of early legislative policy and how it compares to the contemporary war on drugs.The paper also provides statistics from several comparative analyses on the success of these program types. : A 15 page research paper that investigates the effectiveness of different drug treatment programs.Specifically, programs offered in some prisons as well as in outpatient clinics are compared. : A 10 page paper in which the writer discusses how parental alcoholism is rampant within the American family, and its effects on children are particularly devastating.Specific effects of the drug are discussed as well as treatment alternatives for addiction to this substance. Thesis is supported by a study which is designed to demonstrate the correlation between youth crack use and youth crime, with a specific concentration on early use data. : A 12 page paper that considers the issue of heroin addiction, outlines the use, effects, dependency and treatment, within the context of a growing population of heroin users in the United States. : In 8 pages the author discusses substance abuse, particularly heroin addiction.Several studies have been done on treatment for heroin addiction.


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